Butterfly Profile Frame By Tonitees.com – Change your profile Picture

Tonitees.com is a general group on facebook where bunch of friendly people joined for some beautiful frames. There’s One creator named toni tails who is admin of this group and there are also many moderators there to look at the stuff people publish in the group.

This creator toni tails creates some great frames for profile picture. People are really liking it and sharing it. The members of the group increasing day by day for awesome profile frames.

Yesterday she took a poll in the group about which group she should create next and people started to response. The options in the poll was butterflies, Special Occasion, flowers, cats, birds etc. People voted butterfly option most and now she created butterfly frame for fb profile picture.

So How to change your profile picture with the butterfly frame from tonitees.com ?

Its little bit of tricky one because if you are not in the group then it would be hard to find these butterfly fames. If you click on your profile picture and search for butterfly frames by tonitees.com then it won’t show the frames you are looking for.

The Search algorithm in the frames section of facebook is not real good. it wont show the new or recently created frames and it will only show the old and popular frames from the past.

Toni tees frames

So What can you do ?

  • First of all you should join the toni tails facebook group.
  • Then when you scroll you will find the section named “popular topics in the posts”.
  • Find butterfly frames tag there.
  • Now you will see bunch of pictures with the frame applied on it.
  • Choose any frame you like and you will see “Update your Profile picture with this frame from ToniTees.com” Written there.
  • just hit on try it button and the frame will be on your profile picture.

This is the easiest way and once you join the group you can also take advantage of other frames published by toni tails also.

So keep updated and like our facebook page FB Profile Frame for more frames.

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