Family Is Forever : ABS-CBN ~ Update your Profile picture with this frame from ABS-CBN.

Update your Profile picture with this frame from ABS-CBN

Recently ABS-CBN Network published beautiful frame for the profile pictures in the facebook. If you are following the page abscbn network then you might have seen that frame. If not then you do not have to worry.

We are here to help you out to apply that Family is Forever Love frame to your profile picture. The process is simple and if you have applied any frame to your profile picture in the past then it is exactly the same. Now what you have to do is follow below given few steps.

Family is forever frame

look at the above given picture to see what frame looks like. If you like this family is forever filter by abs cbn network then you should apply it to your profile picture immediately.

How to add Family is Forever Frame to your profile picture in facebook ?

Method – 1

  • First of all find any friend or a person who has applied this frame to their profile picture.
  • Now click on their profile picture and you will se use frame option on the bottom of his/her profile pic.
  • Click on it and another window will open.
  • There, select the ratio and time for the frame.
  • That’s It

Method – 2

If you cant find anyone with this frame then use this method number 2.

  • Click on this link and open it – Profile frame
  • Now you have to search for #familyisforever in the search box.
  • You will immediately see the frame.
  • Apply that frame to your profile picture.

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